**PREORDER** The Original Twilight (2008) Filter Keychain

Regular price €12,95

keychains should be in stock and ready to ship by early August 

twilight (2008) laser etched on 2”x3.5” transparent blue acrylic. This is a slightly more intense blue than the original Catherine Hardwicke keychains, by the way. 


Your keychain will arrive with the protective paper backing intact. This is to protect the acrylic from becoming scratched by the chain during shipping. You just need to pick at the corner to get it to lift, then peel it off. If you can’t get it started easily, just soak it in water for a minute or two and it will loosen right up. 

Some small scratches or scuffs are always possible with acrylic. These are quality checked before packing, and more obvious scratches are pulled as seconds grade. 

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