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Disappointment Enamel Pin

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First of all, these pins are 2” x .75”, hard enamel, double clutch backs, with gold plated finish. Second of all, this is one of my very favorite Edward Cullen quotes. Third, and most importantly, this batch has a brand new grading system. None of them came out 100% perfect, which is typical of large expanses of mirror finish gold plating. It happens, it’s just the texture and the process. So I’ve graded them as such:

A- Grade: not totally perfect, but still great. Looks practically perfect unless you angle it in the light, in which case you can see minor scratches and speckles in the gold finish  

B Grade: minor scratches and dots that may be slightly visible when not angling them in the light. The first two pictures are B grade 

C Grade: somewhat more significant scratches, chips, and enamel imperfections.

D Grade: visible and obvious splotches of tarnish in the gold. The third picture is D grade


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