LIMITED EDITION Complete Twilight Film Title Keychain Collection Box

Sale price $99.00 Regular price $120.00

If you’ve held out on collecting the keychains to be able to buy them all in one collection, this is for you! This first collection edition is limited to 300 numbered boxes. Each box will include:

-Directed by Catherine Hardwicke keychain

- twilight (2008) keychain

- new moon (2009) keychain 

- eclipse (2010) keychain 

- breaking dawn pt 1 (2011) keychain 

- breaking dawn pt 2 (2012) keychain 

- a secret box-exclusive keychain!

- three box-exclusive vinyl stickers 

- four box-exclusive 4”x6” art prints 

- plus probably more!

A combined total retail value of over $120!

Side note: the exclusives in this box will likely eventually be listed in the shop as well with enough demand. I do have extras of the stickers and prints right now. 

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