Magical School Film Series “Directed by” Keychains

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Designed and sold in collaboration with Utterly Magical, these keychains are the first in a new “Magical School” which-must-not-be-named series! This is a super limited run to test interest, but we will restock if the demand is there  

Each keychain is the same size and shape as the Twilight series, made in a clear acrylic embossed with shiny gold print. Small speckles of gold embossing medium is normal to find across the clear parts of the acrylic, and will usually rub off easily with a soft cloth if you prefer. The clasp is a gold star with a claw lever. 

Chris Columbus directed the first and second movies, Alfonso Cuaron directed (my favorite!) the third, Mike Newell directed the fourth, and David Yates directed 5-7. 

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